Ultimate UP Diliman Professors Guide

[09/03/15] EDIT: Oh my God, my last edit was three years ago. I’ve been in the MBA Program of the Virata School of Business (College of Business Administration) for a year now, so I’m about to add some professors/subjects to this list.

[06/14/12] EDIT: Due to the hits I get during enlistment season, I’m getting my best friend to make a short, comprehensive guide about subjects and profs she’s taken. This will add a few GEs/Profs to my current list, PLUS, since she’s a BS Psych graduate (and a cum laude!), this will add Bio, Chem, and Psych subjects to the guide I have. I hope she finishes it soon (though it’s too late considering classes have already started). I’ll link her once she’s posted it! :) I’m also adding a quick overview on the courses to make it more comprehensive and not prof-centered.

[10/22/12] EDIT: This post is back up, and I have added my friend’s draft of a guide on profs she took. This is still subject to editing.

You hear it lots of times during enlistment! And it’s frustrating if nobody knows about the prof you’re about to enlist in. So I thought it would be nice to give insights on the profs I have taken. I planned to do this as soon as I graduate, but yeah. I’m bored. So here goes!

L. Velasco (BA 219 Corporate Financial Reporting)

Third time’s the charm! Sir Lawrence is the prof that I’ve had the most classes under. Nothing much has changed. I actually chose a block based on which block he was teaching, which wasn’t a bad a idea. Exams are open notes, and you really should be taking down notes in this class because he gives exams based on what he discusses in class. There will be cases in this class, so make sure an accountant is in your group.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; A mix of problem solving and essay
Finals: None
Assignments: Yes
Cases: Yes
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

J. Diokno-Sicat (BA 201 Economic Analysis)

I would like to believe she’s a very good economics teacher (rather than I had a good grasp of economics). Exams are open notes, open books. Multiple choice and essay. Make sure to listen during lectures and take down notes. You need to know the intuitions behind economic models, and these are all discussed during class! Does not check attendance.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Multiple choice and essay (know your graphs); Open books and open notes
Finals: None
Assignments: None
Cases: None
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

R. Sarreal (BA 211 Management Science)

I like Sir Sarreal’s style a lot. I think for people who aren’t so good with Math (ahem, not me. Lol), you would appreciate his style. He’s very kind and patient and accommodating, and he explains the answers to the exam after he returns them.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Problem solving
Finals: None
Assignments: Yes, will be graded
Cases: None
Attendance: Not strict, but assignments will serve as attendance and he gives them often

M. Manuel (BA 240 Operations Management)

Sir Manny admittedly told us he was known for giving high grades. My classmate and friend, who took a subject under him during her undergrad days, told us this as well. I like Sir Manny’s teaching style a lot, which is a mix of lectures, videos, and fun activities! We even had role-playing activities (he chooses the participants, hehe). He also likes to call on people to recite/give inputs about the topic (usually pre-selected based on the industry you are in). That said, I think his style works, because you get to know the applications of the lessons. Sir Manny is known for giving a lot of requirements. A LOT. OF REQUIREMENTS. Manage your time wisely.

Exams: Just the finals
Finals: Yes, online and essay type
Assignments: Yes, lots of group work, some requiring a paper to be submitted
Papers/Submissions: Video presentation of a product, 1 term paper, reaction papers to your other classmates’ presentations
Attendance: Strict

D. Borja (BA 220 Management Accounting)

Sir Dave is one of my favorite professors because he is super nice and friendly!!! AND, he’s one of those profs that make accounting a little less difficult for us non-CPAs! If I had to take a finance elective (I wouldn’t, haha), I would only do so if he would teach it! (Hehe!) He once gave away UP Fair tickets to people who recited… A really good teacher! He discusses the assignments he gives so you would know where you went wrong.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Multiple choice and problem solving
Finals: None
Assignments: Yes
Recitations: Yes, not required, but bonus points for the exam!
Cases: Yes
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

H. Valderrama (BA 221 Management Control Systems)

This subject isn’t very “numerical” (haha) but rather more conceptual. Be sure to listen, take notes, and read the readings! Ma’am Valderrama is a really nice professor and welcomes any inputs you may have during the lecture. She likes that. I think most profs do, hehe. (I hope you get it by now that MBA is all about applications of the lessons in real life setting, so you need to share those experiences!!!) I really like her because she’s really nice (and because she…liked our case presentation, hahaha! Kaya pala!).

Exams: One exam (just for the first half). We were supposed to have another exam, but she cancelled it.
Finals: None
Assignments: Occasionally
Cases: Yes
Reporting: Yes (aside from your case), on an assigned topic
Term paper: Yes, same topic as your report
Attendance: Checks attendance often (via a seat plan)

B. Sandoval (BA 230 Marketing Management)

I’m telling you, this was a large class, and people really wanted to get slots in his class. Side story: I remember Sir Benjie was the same person who interviewed me during the admission! Hehe. He also remembered having interviewed me! Anyway, Sir Benjie’s class always starts with something fun! And he gives away prizes! But if you really wanna get into the nitty-gritty of marketing (concepts and all), I think you should consider enlisting in another prof’s class. Good for me, I already had some background in marketing. He gives a lot of readings, but these are usually light and really interesting. He gives quizzes based on these readings. Oh, and you have to be active on Facebook because that’s where he gives them out.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term (the other one was online and I’m not sure if it’s comprehensive? Lol); Essay
Assignments: Yes, reading assignments
Quizzes: Yes
Cases: Yes
Reporting: Yes, aside from the case, you’re supposed to do research for a specific product (or on a specific market and come up with product/service recommendations). No paper is required from this, but it sure takes up a lot of time!
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance), but he gives quizzes almost every lecture! :|

A. Cayanan (BA 280.1 Corporate Finance I)

Sir Art looks and seems intimidating, but he’s actually a fun prof. Now, finance IS NOT my best subject, so my grades in Finance are the worst grades I’ve ever had in my entire life. Lol. I think he did not have any shortcomings when it came to teaching. He provided us with the slides he used in class. He is very particular about operationalizing recommendations in cases, which is important anyway. His stories in class are also a lot of fun, so it never gets boring.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Multiple choice, problem solving, essay
Finals: None
Assignments: Yes
Cases: Yes
Term paper: Yes, on an assigned company
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

R. Ybañez (BA 280.2 Corporate Finance II)

Sir Art said Prof. Ybañez is one of the best profs in Finance. Finance isn’t really my thing, I’m telling you. I really had a hard time listening in class, but Prof. Ybañez’ style is he talks the entire time. The trick is to take note of whatever he is saying and whatever he is writing on the board. He sends copies of his transparencies, so be sure to read through them, including the publications/research papers he sends, to prepare for the exam.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Multiple choice, true or false, problem solving, essay
Finals: None
Assignments: Yes
Cases: Yes
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

T. Zarco (BA 251 Organizational Behavior)

Prof. Zarco, in my opinion, is one of the most engaging professors I’ve had. That, or human behavior really interests me. He doesn’t send out his slides, but you should try to obtain a copy of the book and read along the chapters as the class progresses. He also values inputs from the class and his favorite industry to discuss is BPO (because behavior really is different there, isn’t it?).

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Multiple choice, essay; Questions for the multiple choice are really tricky
Finals: None
Assignments: None
Cases: Yes
Term paper: Yes, you choose a company to do an audit on; Tip: Everyone tries to focus on Job Satisfaction, but I really like the topic of my classmates who focused on the personalities of top performers in Sales!
Attendance: Not strict (does not check attendance)

B. Fernandez (BA 243 Management of Innovation)

This class has a lot of readings. About 3 every session. A typical class will go like this: two reporters on the topic for the day, one reporter for the caselet related to the topic, then he discusses everything. Sometimes, he does all the talking, but most of the time, he calls on the students who wrote reaction papers to the assigned readings. Note: You don’t have to read the readings for every class (unless you’re a reporter or you’re writing the reaction paper). Sir Benjie is legit an industry expert (haha, can’t think of another word to use other than legit), so everything he says is quite new to me (as an academic personnel).

Exams: Just the finals; Essay
Assignments: Just two reaction papers on the articles that will be assigned to you on the first day
Reporting: Yes, on one article assigned to you
Cases: Yes
Attendance: Very strict; If you want to go out to grab snacks or go to the restroom, do it after the roll call.

E. Roman (BA 290 General Management)

Definitely one of the best professors in UP, hands down. This woman is a legend (lol). How would I describe her style? I don’t know, but the only thing I could come up with is: Para talaga siyang teacher. Her stories are so interesting. General Management—diskarte mo talaga lahat ng decision mo as a manager eh. But do take down notes and listen well. The only reason for someone not to enlist in her class is if you’ll always be late and/or absent.

Exams: Two exams, one for each half of the term; Essay; Open notes
Finals: None
Assignments: None
Cases: Yes
Attendance: Very strict; She arrives to class on time and checks attendance 15 minutes after

P. Paje (BA 286 IT Management)

I highly suggest taking another prof for this subject. I don’t understand this subject at all. Everything is submitted online through an “LMS” which doesn’t notify me through e-mail when there are assignments due (it should, but it doesn’t). There are no cases, so it’s hard to learn about it? Too much focus on technical aspects, not much on management. Prof is nice, but I didn’t really appreciate the subject under him.

Just an additional note: He keeps saying in class when papers/drafts are due but he never ever EVER follows through, e.g. He said we would be having an exam Friday night 6:30PM to 10:30PM online and we all waited. He uploaded the exam at 11PM and said we could submit 9PM the following day. Wasted our Friday night waiting for an exam that was due less than 24 hours later.

Another note: Follow whatever outline he gives you for the paper unless you want to get an INC even if you submitted all your requirements.

Exams: Just the finals
Finals: Online, essay.
Assignments: Yes
Cases: No. Maybe. I don’t know.
Term paper: Yes
Attendance: Checks attendance occasionally

The following are electives, so I’ll be “evaluating” them on the basis of the course and the prof.

Raval (BA 237 – Sales)

Exams: One, midterm exam
Readings: Yes, for class discussion
Cases: None
Term paper: Yes
Attendance: Checks attendance

Villena (BA 227 – Law on Taxation)

Exams: Two, midterm (we had an oral exam with one question), and the final exam was practicum
Readings: Just the NIRC
Recitation: Yes, but not your typical law class recit
Cases: None
Term paper: None
Attendance: Checks attendance (c/o beadle)
Course: The lectures focused more on individual income tax, so it’s a pretty nifty class.

Castillo (BA 238 – Entrepreneurship)

Exams: One, final exam
Readings: None
Cases: None
Reports: Yes, two per group, one on an entrepreneur, and another on a business requirement (e.g. BIR registration)
Term paper: There’s one presentation on your startup business proposal which requires a one-page executive summary
Attendance: Checks attendance (strict)
Course: I think Entrepreneurship is definitely a must-take regardless of the prof. I trust VSB enough to get real entrepreneurs for this course. :) Lol.

The following professors and classes were taken during my undergrad

K. Obispado (Kas 1)

One of those younger profs who are really good, except that she gives (a substantial amount of) readings, which I am not good with! Gives essay exams, if I remember correctly. She also did the blank-map exam. We went to Bahanaw on a field trip! She’s a really fun prof, and cool too! She gave us a bonus during our finals if we wore white (she told us to wear white and get a bonus). Plus, she knows a lot about the subject, which made her a great teacher. Definitely made Philippine History interesting.

From iamthirsty:

I shall affirm that Ms. Obispado is a great teacher! Her class is so enriching!

A. Aguirre (Pan Pil 17)

Ahh. But PP17 is interesting, whoever teaches it! (I think. That’s what people say) Another one of those younger profs who are both good and cool. Just a bit weird. But weird, in a fun way! Many readings, but what do you expect from Pan Pil? Don’t ever be afraid of the day he returns your bluebooks, it’s fun! I look forward to his drawings and comments all over my answers (and erasures, sure is funny). Definitely a must-take ’cause he’s fun. Do not worry about the readings, because they’re fun to read, and when he discusses them, it’s fun too. As I’ve said, PP17 is a very interesting subject since it deals with “Pop Culture”, YOUR culture. There’s nothing more to be said, but expect lots of readings (and papers)!

R. Tabbada (Bio 1)

But I don’t know the spelling of his surname! Beware of this prof. But he’s always concealed, I think. So beware of 2:30 to 4:00 Bio 1’s. Because, they say, it’s ALMOST ALWAYS him. He’s boring, but I think he’s really nice. Some of my classmates sleep or play. But I was a very lonely girl, so I could do nothing but listen. But my mind flies away of course. No worries! You can have his lectures photocopied! Holy baloney, you’ll have enough scratch paper to last you a year! Take him, if you’re really good in Bio, because the student who gets the highest in his exams gets an uno. And he doesn’t go to class if it’s the day of a holiday, period (during my time “Holiday Economics” was always in effect). Bio 1 is like your high school biology class. Kingdoms, classes, phyla, habitats… Something okay to take when you’re fresh from high school or probably if you’re taking it with another biology class.

E. De Dios (Econ 11)

To tell you the truth… I don’t really know, since he was our lecture prof, and it was such a big class that all he did was do Powerpoint presentations, which was boring, though he did try to make them fun and lively by cracking jokes. Multiply choice exams are easy to answer though. This is the most basic of Econ subjects though, meaning: HIGH SCHOOL ECONOMICS. Expect supply and demand curves, Y=C+I+G+X, fixed costs, variable costs, graphs, graphs, and more graphs!

J. Montes (Math 17)

I don’t even think he’s teaching anymore. Well, for me he was totally fine. I mean, math’s is my most favorite subject in the world that I don’t even have to listen to the rest of the lecture. Sorry, but, TRUE STORY. To be more helpful… Math 17 starts of with basic algebra (including sets of numbers… i.e. R is the set of real numbers… x is in R, etc.).

R. Kimpo (PE 2, Social Dance)

Great prof! Really knows how to do her thang! I didn’t get an uno, perhaps because I made some mistakes. Her exams are just dances, so it’s pretty fun! Plus, you get to have a different partner every time, so you get to know new people for every dance. Rar! But be sure to dance in heels! We got to learn: swing, samba, reggae, boogie, and some more fun dances!

A. Mandigma (Math 100)

This is basically CALCULUS, 4th year HS Math. And you know what? Our prof turned 4 units into 2 units. That’s how cool he is (for me, at least. I told you, I don’t really need an hour of math lessons each day). But he really knows his math! Only good for those who are math geeks. Oh, and be ready to do boardworks.

G. Atienza (Pan Pil 19)

I guess Pan Pil 19 is just not for me. I’m not good with reading a lot of stuff. And the things she discussed in class just made me feel awkward. Be ready for reports and papers! And be sure to understand every little thing discussed, because I think that’ll pop up in the exams. So be diligent in taking  notes, and try to be on her good side. She can be a little masungit but just be a good student who listens, and everything will be alright. Very strict with deadlines, do not challenge her. Pan Pils are reading subjects, so be ready with your coins and small bills. PP19 is actually very interesting because it delves on “sexuality”: issues of sexuality in different kinds of literature. You get poems, songs, movies, etc. It’s really your normal Filipino class where you get to read or watch stuff and talk and analyze it in class.

G. Atienza (Kom 2)

I must have been crazy, taking the same prof twice in one semester. I see her everyday. But since it was a very, very small class (around 8 students), it was better than Pan Pil 19. Same as PP19, she made us read a lot of things. She also made us write, which is the point of Kom. What I kind of disliked, is, she likes things her way. Even if you’re the one who’s supposed to be creating the paper, she’ll tell you that this should be the main idea, blah blah. Which is okay, I guess, if you like having things pointed out to you. But it was kind of frustrating. I liked this class better than PP19. But it was boring. Because it was at 7AM. Still, I learned new things. Worth taking, this class, since it teaches you basic writing skills, be it recreational writing or formal (research paper) writing. Only, it’s done in Filipino.

I. Lacson (Geog 1)

The ever unoable Geogs. That’s what they say. Well, Ma’am Yo is both fun and interesting! Her exams (or quizzes? I don’t recall) were pretty easy, especially because I studied (and studied, to me, is not the same as studied hard). Geog field trips are really something to look forward to! Although I didn’t go. I was quite a loser, wasn’t I? Nevertheless, I went ferry-riding with some other classmates who didn’t go. Oh, and I still got an uno. I told you, Geog 1 is so unoable. I think any Geog 1 prof would be worth taking! This is the most basic Geography class, so it’s kind of easy… but I don’t actually remember what was taught…haha.

J. Magpantay (Nat Sci 1, Physics)

He’s okay. Pretty scary. He gets mad at sleeping students. But sometimes he cracks jokes. He even called one famous scientist gay I think. Or was it crazy? Anyway, as long as you have the notes photocopied, you’ll be fine. You really don’t have to listen. Just make sure he doesn’t catch you actually NOT listening. Oh, and be sure to sit where you are supposed to sit. Because there’s this seating arrangement. Crazy, because it’s such a big class, and who’d care about it? Apparently, he would. Multiple choice exams, as usual. This is your HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICS. Basically, history of physics (meaning, you get to tackle those famous physicists), and you know. Famous equations I guess.

C. Hernandez (Nat Sci 1, Chem)

Ahh. What a relief it was, to finish the Physics part of that subject. She’s a nice, pretty prof. But nothing really exceptional about her teaching skills, because ours is a very big class. Nevertheless, I do remember Chem being a bit easier. Oh, and she allowed my friend to not attend Nat Sci 1, because she was already taking a higher Chem under the prof. Cool beans. Multiple choice, as usual. Oh, and she stuck to the seating arrangement because Sir Magpantay said so. Boo! This is your HIGH SCHOOL CHEMISTRY. Does electron configuration (1s2 2s2, etc, if that is even correct) ring a bell?

L. Valcarcel (BA 99.1)

Was I the only one who thought she was actually good? I liked how she made us do all these homeworks. Or maybe I liked how my mom was actually an accountant before? Answering the homeworks is crucial to your learning. It doesn’t help to forget answering them. Because they’re a part of your grade. And it’s your attendance too! If you’re a boy and you don’t like being told to erase the board, do not sit in front. Oh, and she is really nice! She’s just a prof, that’s why she’s kind of scary sometimes (although I don’t even think she was scary in 99.1). Study hard! Accounting is the shiz. B shiz. This is Basic Accounting (with 99.2, but that was hell!!!): meet the financial statement family, Balance Sheet and Income Statement (I think the Statement of Cash Flows comes in 99.2). You get familiarized with T-tables, ledgers, journals. I don’t even know what makes them different.

F. Medalla (Econ 101)

God, I was so scared before we met him. Because we were told that F. Carlos was our prof, and she WAS a terror BEFORE! I never really 100% listened. But I know he’s a good prof. He knows a lot. Except, he finishes those 2 friggin’ hours and it makes me crazy. He doesn’t check attendance, so it’s good for those who want to cut, cut, cut! Be sure to read the books though. A big help for those who do not listen. Oh, and if he gives an option to take the final exam, take it. It’s just a bunch of questions from both the first and the second exams. And did I tell you that exams were the only requirement? Oh, and the occasional quizzes. His exams are more of the graphing plus essay type. I suggest you listen and be diligent in taking notes. This is MACROECONOMICS so it deals with National Output (Y) and the factors that move it (interest rate, expenditure). You’ll meet the IS-LM curve which I still don’t get how to derive.

R. Clarete (Econ 102)

Micro was much more interesting that Macro. But sir wasn’t exactly more attention-grabbing. He gave more stuff to do. Like quizzes and homeworks. He sent his slides through the e-group. He’d occasionally be away, he’s busy like that. It helps to recite a lot, as in ask questions and even answer some. Make sure he knows you, too. I’m not sure if that helps, but it doesn’t hurt to befriend your prof (and he’s a nice prof)! His exams are more objective, so as long as you study and memorize, you’re fine. Usually, there’s one essay question, which is really just asking for your opinion on lessons, but be sure to back it up. Take notes, read the books, study the slides. MICROECONOMICS focuses on the supply and demand curves! You’ll meet a lot of other curves that stem from those two.

C. Ringor (Envi Sci 1)

Great prof! I like her. She’s nice, but don’t abuse that. She just does slides and sends them to the class. Her exams are usually multiple choice. At some point, groups will have to report. She’s really sweet. Oh, and if she’s going to show you a film and you’ve already seen it, or you could see it at home, then tell her, you could just skip that class. Key to a good grade: listen, take notes, and recite. Very interesting subject about the environment (duh). Interesting topics that were tattooed on my mind: Easter Island (I don’t get why she discussed this, hahaha), Demographics around the world (infant mortality, genders), and that documentary of Al Gore.

R. Rodolfo (Nat Sci 2, Geol)

This prof is so cool. Usually, at the start of a class, he’ll show a video he saw on Youtube. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s amazing. So cool. His lessons are also fun! He gives occasional quizzes, and if I remember correctly, he asks weird questions. Which are cool, and are like, bonus questions. If I had an MST left (I am blessed, I finished MST as early as this), I’d take a Geol 1 under him (if he had one). Geology tackles rocks (you know, those sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic classifications discussed in grade school), volcanoes (apparently there are different types of volcanoes, haha, and my favorite one would be the one that explodes like a nuclear bomb), and everything about the Earth!

A. Argayosa (Nat Sci 2, Bio)

Just grab a copy of his module, and you’ll be fine. No, you won’t. He tries to be funny sometimes, and I appreciate that. Nevertheless, he has some stories to tell too… I met him in IB when I came to look if I was exempted from the finals, and he seemed pretty nice, he even congratulated me for being exempted. Heh. Well, as always, in large classes, just LISTEN, LISTEN and TAKE NOTES (not necessary because you have a module)! And STUDY! Hmm. Since this is basic Biology, it is pretty much like Bio 1, which is pretty much like high school biology. First topic that pops in my head when I hear Biology in Nat Sci 1: MITOSIS.

R. Jonas (BA 180.1)

One of the coolest profs in BA ever. He’s so fun! And weird! And nice! He gives bonuses, gives super easy bonus questions, et cetera, et cetera. There’s really nothing more to say but TAKE THIS PROF! BA 180.1 is about MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM or MIS, which, if you ask me, is kind of like Information Technology to a non-IT major. We learned formulas in Excel, how to use Access, different systems most companies use (Enterprise Resource Planning). Mostly conceptual. First topic that pops in my head when I hear BA 180.1: DIGITAL DIVIDE.

D. Desierto (Econ 106)

Please do not have your relatives in the US buy Carter. Just get mine photocopied. Because it’s a very big help in most parts. Do take notes every class, and answer the problem sets WITH YOUR GROUP MATES. Do not freeride, I repeat, do not freeride. The exams are usually just a revision of the problem sets, so STUDY the problem sets!!! You’ll make it then. from what I remember, this focuses more on equations and concepts. More theoretical, as opposed to Econ 131 (later on…) which is more mathematical (in a sense that you will actually use Math/Stat). ALTHOUGH there is some “maximization” (i.e. “solve the profit-maximizing problem”) and “optimization”. Equations are mostly composed of LETTERS though, as opposed again to Econ 131 which is full of… numbers. I guess simply put, 106 discusses “concepts” behind 131 (but I never really found 106 useful, oops). Just to give you an idea of what 106 will be, Google Kuhn-Tucker conditions.

From iamthirsty:

I also took Ma’am Desi’s 106 class and she changed her ways, we are into reporting now and the exams were terrible. I passed her class but not to the point that is satisfactory.

F. Medalla (Econ 151)

This subject is pretty much worth taking. The lessons are interesting. Sir Medalla is still him (please scroll up): he doesn’t check attendance, and he just discusses lessons in class. Do listen though. Because he gives surprise quizzes. Exams are pretty much the essay-type so listen well and study hard, do what I did not! This subject is PUBLIC ECONOMICS which I think is pretty interesting. It kind of gives you an idea of how public policies work. First topic that pops in my head when I hear Econ 151: INCOME REDISTRIBUTION.

L. Valcarcel (BA 99.2)

Boy, don’t I love repeating profs. BA 99.2 is much harder than 99.1 (please scroll up), but my advice is still the same! Answer the homeworks (although, I noticed, there were less homeworks). Please do ask the prof if you do not understand something, because it is much harder to understand future lessons if you don’t understand one little thing. Listen, practice, and ask Ma’am after class if you do not understand something.

D. Yap (Stat 101)

Thanks to my friend, I got this prof! He’s actually my friend’s brother! Well, since stat is like math (rhymes!), it was pretty much as easy. This prof is entertaining. Be sure to recite too, though. He gives really weird examples. But some of his exam questions are really tricky. Oh, and he gives the weirdest bonus questions. Like, what are the lyrics of a very (jologs?) OPM song (by the Jeremiahs? Or something). But sometimes, it’s about the NBA, so, lucky you if you follow that. Oh… I think he’s transferred now, so I think my friend would be teaching or something, that’s what I’ve heard. And my friend is cool, ya know, but as a prof… EVIL LAUGH I kid. Do take Regina Yap under Stat 101, I believe she’s as fun as her brother (our friends can attest to that, since they sat-in her class!). BUT I WARN YOU: Be reasonable. Please study. She can be nice, but she’s reasonable too and she will not give you a grade you don’t deserve.

J. Berja (Geog 105)

A really nice prof. And a really small class. Which led to… over-abusive behavior. Which I don’t want to elaborate on. If you don’t like readings, he is not for you. He gives quizzes every after lecture. His exams are made up of multiple choice and essay, so study hard. And read the readings. And listen to the discussion. Please do not abuse his kindness. I’ve heard he’s changed already and has become more strict. But it does help to befriend him. He’s really nice. Geography 105 is HUMAN GEOGRAPHY, and honestly… I don’t really get why this is a geography class! It’s kind of like a mix of economics, psychology/sociology, and geography! Fun class, lots of readings, you will definitely learn a lot. First topic that pops in my head when I hear Geog 105: MAN THE OPTIMIZER.

A. Juliano (PE 2 Lawn Tennis)

One of the laziest profs I have ever met. But he’s funny! Oh, don’t take this if you don’t want to get a tan. Really. And if you prefer not having classes, take this during the rainy season. The littlest amount of rain will give you a free cut. But tennis is fun. If you like bouncing balls back and forth with a partner. Lawn Tennis is LAWN TENNIS. ‘Nuff said!

V. Caguisano (Philo 11)

Another one of the laziest profs I have ever met. But he’s good. Please correct him if you notice something wrong, even if you’re not sure you’re right. From what I’ve heard, he’s usually absent. Well, I took him during summer and he wasn’t usually absent, because summer’s only, like, four weeks. But he’s absent, alright. His exams are pretty easy if you study (not so “hard”). If you get a perfect score in all of your exams (or not even all), you get exempted from the finals, and get an uno. How cool is that? Oh, and don’t listen to him if he says you’re required to go to this and that. I don’t think it really has that much of an effect on your grade. (In short, he required us to go to a series of seminar about Buddhism, I think, and then he made us write a paper on it…and I didn’t go but I was able to grab a copy of the readings distributed there, so.) Philo 11 is LOGIC and it was really really worth taking! It deals with equations, in a sense that each letter stands for an idea! It’s really cool, I think it’s worth taking. I was able to apply this during my Law Aptitude Exam… hehehehe isn’t that funny?

A. Rosel (Soc Sci 1)

One of the most amusing profs ever. Her stories are worth listening to. Oh, and she is one of the most lovable profs I have ever met. Buuut, readings galore! Just be sure to read and LISTEN WELL, take notes. Her exams are objective, and sometimes it’s fill-in-the-blanks so you should really study. This is a compilation of Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, etc.

L. Velasco (BA 101)

His midterm exam was weird, it was all conceptual. EVEN THE ESSAY! We were told there was a case analysis type of thing, but it was more like, what concept is used blah blah, it was too frustrating. He could be fun sometimes. DO NOT BE NOISY IN CLASS. A noisy class will make him go berserk, and make him launch a deadly attack: SURPRISE QUIZ! But he’s actually nice in person. Marketing is fun. (But this isn’t marketing, Weirdo) This class might as well be called the “Introduction to Business Management” (I don’t remember the course title, so, hey!). You learn…the basics of management. Functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, controlling. Organizational structure (which one, vertical or horizontal, will be best for a certain company). Entrepreneurship, strategy formulation, et cetera. There will be cases (welcome to the world of case studies, if it’s your first time to encounter them) and most of the problems in these cases is: “In this situation, what would you do as a manager?” I.e. A new investor joins a paternalistic partnership, which subsidiary company would you cut off expenditure to help another growing subsidiary, etc.

G. Abesamis (BA 141)

I don’t know about her teaching style, I wasn’t really a fan. (Maybe I was too biased and stupid back then… sigh. If you have read this before, I already deleted my negative feedback because, hey, I’m mature now haha) But, I would like to believe she’s an average professor, and that she is not as bad as I said she was. She’s pretty smart! She was included in the top 10 or something in their CPA board exam (FYI lang). I think she’s really nice (she greets back when you meet her along the hallways), save for the occasional mood swings (us girls…sigh). The midterm exam was multiple choice, I don’t really recall but I’m 75% sure it was partly computation of ratios etc. Our final exam was by GROUP and it was forecasting (it could be hell if you don’t get the gist of forecasting). BE SURE to follow instructions during exams and quizzes so as not to annoy her and make her give you deductions… Oh, and, as with most BA subjects… CASES! Lots and lots of cases. This is Corporate Finance! And it’s very mathematical. You will encounter financial ratios (percentage of everything to assets, or sales). You will compare trends/changes in these ratios through the years. You will also do forecasts of balance sheets and income statements (i.e. given years 1 and 2, forecast for year 3, assuming ratios stay constant).

S. Navarro (Econ 131)

The oh-so-scary Navarro of Econ. She’s not that scary at all! If you listen well and study hard! It’s okay if she makes you do boardworks and you make a mistake. She gets satisfaction from tormenting students, I think. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PRINTOUTS! If you do, photocopy your classmate’s, quick! But make sure it’s correct. Or make sure you’ve compared it with the others’. Her exams are hell, be careful with your computations! Double check, triple check, I don’t care, as long as you have time, CHECK! Even if something is not asked for, try to put the answer there anyway. Because she’s a scheming schemer, like that. Try to be friendly when you see her around. Econ 131 is ECONOMETRICS (I know it’s called something else, but…hehe). This will be your key to finishing and analyzing your Thesis! Yaaayyy! It’s more Math-y and Stat-y, not model-y. So expect a lot of numbers, some computations, and analysis. Remember those null and alternative hypotheses you studied in Stat? You’ll be dealing with them here.

R. Peneyra (PE 2 Bellydance)

If you love bellydance, take it. Any prof would do, I think, but Ma’am Peneyra is fun and bubbly. She’s also maarte, which makes it even more fun! I LOVE BELLYDANCE YOU GUYS. That’s why I took it during first sem, I so wanted to Dance In September HEHEHE.

M. Luna (Span 10)

The Spanish prof in Spanish! She’s totally nice. But never be late nor absent, she hates it. Please do come early and always attend Span 10, because it will help raise your grade, if you’re not that good. I don’t recall if we had an exam. But we had quizzes that were quite easy. Span 10 is BASIC SPANISH…but all I really remember is how to say “My name is”. I kid! I also remember tackling “directions” (a la derecha) and “likes” (me encanta, me gusta YES ME GUSTA HAHA). I liked Span 10. Especially Ma’am Luna!

R. Corpus (Art Stud 2)

Our prof for half a semester. More readings. But lots of group activities too! Also, she asks questions, so recite while you can. I don’t think we had an exam… She got sick sometime in the middle of the semester, so the sub took over. Art Stud 2 is your typical art class which deals with art forms… you know, that kind of art class where you look at a painting and go “Oh, the painter was totally feeling angry when he did this.”

J. Giron (Art Stud 2)

Our prof for the rest of the sem. He likes asking questions. So answer them. I don’t really know about him, because we had reporting for the rest of the sem. Art Stud is easy to pass, anyway.

C. Hui (BA 115)

Don’t ever be late. Or if you are, tell her as soon as the class ends (she’ll mark you absent if you don’t). She’s strict with attendance, so do your best to not get dropped from the class. Accounting is hell, as usual, so if you don’t understand, ask her. It’s okay! If you’re shy, you can approach her after class. Cases are bitches, so be very careful. I think she’s really one strict prof, though she doesn’t show it. BA 115 is Managerial Accounting and deals with a more specific kind of accounting (I don’t know what I’m talking about). It focuses more on the Income Statement, specifically, OPERATIONAL COSTS, etc. You’ll be hearing “direct labor” or “direct expenses”.

G. Santamaria (BA 151)

Ahh. This prof taught me advanced reading. I swear, you should do it, because you don’t want to pile up your readings before the exam. He usually discusses other things in class, like applications in real life, or cases. So it’s best to read while you’re on the subject. I heard he’s pretty unpredictable with exams, but for us, it was just a bunch of True or False’s and multiple choices. Oh, and recite, A LOT. You’ll get better grades if you do. Plus, he gets bothered if you don’t talk a lot (yes, he talked to me after class because he thought I was mute, I kid). BA 151 is HUMAN BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATIONS a.k.a. Organizational Behavior! It’s kind of like a Psych subject for BA (I think some Psych majors even take this class). You may get to discover what kind of a team-mate (or leader) you are.

R. Aquino (BA 142)

If you like early dismissals, this prof is for you. He’s like Sir Medalla. He can get boring, but he’s really, really smart. Take down notes, because he usually gets his exam questions from his lectures. It would help to read the chapters on the lessons, because his discussions are gonna be real quick! My favorite part would be the cases, because we finish real early, and he doesn’t really give long lectures, so we get dismissed early. He gave us the questions in the exams (without the values, though), so bring a recorder if you’re not a quick writer. It’s multiple choice, though, but study too! And do the bonus paper. BA 142 is CORPORATE FINANCE Part 2. It deals more with TIME VALUE OF MONEY: investments, projects, etc. For example, if you decide to pursue a project (investment), what is the NET PRESENT VALUE (using time value of money, discount future outflows/inflows)?

R. Clarete (Econ 191)

This subject was definitely worth taking. It must’ve been better under Ma’am Monsod, but I liked it nonetheless. Very interesting topics, especially since we live in a “developing” country. Do listen, and have the books photocopied. It’s not all essay, his exams. Sometimes you should do a bit of memorization (like proponents of theories and models). And understand how the models work. As long as you do, you’ve got ten points (for the essay). Defend your answer well, too. Nice prof, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, and even befriend him. I’m actually surprised that he knows my name! (Up to now…sheds a tear) Developmental Economics was definitely a subject worth-taking for me! For one who lives in a developing country, I think (or hope) you’ll find this subject very interesting. Deals with models (i.e. equations composed of letters, and also, GRAPHS!!!) that try to explain “per capita income with respect to blah blah”, “reservation wage with respect to blah blah” (sorry, I don’t remember). BUT I managed to be nerdy enough to actually make notes of some models on my Facebook page, so some questions you may learn the answer to (depending on your prof): “What happens when one does or does not invest in human capital?”, “How does a firm’s decision to industrialize affect consumer expenditure?”, “Is it possible for all workers in a company to be highly skilled, meaning no one is a low-skilled worker?”. All will be answered by models, derived from models, and graphs.

F. Carlos (Econ 121)

Ahh. Yes. The then-infamous prof. But she’s actually really good! We had a one-week break, because there was a problem with our supposed-to-be profs. She’s good, except she focuses on stuff which were NOT in the book (but it wasn’t the book she liked anyway). Actually, she focuses on stuff that weren’t in the book because we’re supposed to read it anyway. She gave us multiple choice exams because she wasn’t even supposed to be our prof. She claims she’s nicer to us because of that. But the trick to passing the subject under her, is study, study, take notes, listen, study. And go to class every time. Econ 121 is MONEY AND BANKING (I don’t really know, haha) and deals with the VALUE OF MONEY (i.e. Time value, value in terms of other currencies, value of bonds).

L. Velasco (BA 170)

I don’t even know what to say. I like marketing, and he knows a lot about it. And don’t listen to him entirely when you consult him about your marketing pitch. If he says that blahdida is the only problem with your pitch, it’s not. Well, the trick to a successful marketing pitch and final paper is to have someone in the group who actually knows someone in the company. Because it would be a big help. Gosh, I wish profs would provide contacts though, it’s not like all of the students in UP come from very rich or well-connected families. Listen, read, take notes. Study. BA 170 is MARKETING MANAGEMENT and if you are interested in starting a career in MARKETING you definitely would enjoy this subject.

R. Alonzo (Econ 199)

Another lazy prof. He doesn’t set deadlines for each and every part of your paper. He gives a deadline for 1) top three topics with RRL, 2) first draft, 3) final draft. You might want him to check your first draft ASAP though because it gets harder to ask him as the sem ends. It was an online relationship. We barely saw him, except for consultations.

E. Raya (BA 105)

Funny prof. Read in advance. Recite a lot (though it doesn’t really matter, according to my grade in class participation. Just be lucky). Study. Make your case submissions graphic, fun, artsy. He loves those. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT DO SOMETHING ELSE IN HIS CLASS. Does not like. BA 105 is OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT and deals with operations duh. So this focuses more on the operations of a business (have I said enough?): Labor, location, inputs vs. outputs…

C. Uribe (BA 161)

The prof who gave me unrealistic expectations of law school. I’ve heard terrible stories of him in law school, yet as an undergrad law professor, he’s very lenient. He passed each and every one of us. Just read, read, no need to memorize (see how unrealistic that is?) Make notes, read them, read the book, et cetera. That’s all you have to do. Can I brag? I did well in this class. HE WAS NICE, TOO. And he laughs. Do not be scared. He’s nice. BA 161 is LAW ON BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS but is really Obligations and Contracts a.k.a. ObliCon. For me, law is a very interesting subject since you can apply it in everyday life. We used law terms and provisions excessively in everyday conversation during the sem we took this.

B. Diokno (Econ 198 Fiscal)

Hmm. He knows his thang. I just. Don’t. Know. Okay. Lots of slides and lectures. Do not worry about not reading the readings he said you should read (read read read?). It didn’t come up in our one and only exam. He will give the questions of the exam towards the end. All you have to do is listen to him and take notes. The questions are all about issues on fiscal policies. Like, do you think this department should be abolished? Do you think income tax should be abolished? And all of these are answerable if you listen to every single word he says. No joke. FISCAL ECONOMICS deals with Fiscal Policies or Government expenditure. I learned a lot (you will learn differently from a different professor) from Diokno about his views on where money should be spent. Questions he was able to answer: “Should income tax be reduced and VAT on products be increased?”, “Should the country push through with K+12?”… Very, very interesting!

E. Tan (Econ 181)

Class was boring. She likes calling on boys to recite. Either way… read beforehand. I didn’t. Lessons are in the book but they’re more understandable if you listen to her lectures. I don’t know what else to recommend you do for this class. Econ 181 is LABOR ECONOMICS which I believe is supposed to be interesting… hehe. It tackles labor issues such as importance of investment in education, the vicious cycle of poverty, gender inequality (or something else), effects of knowledge of risks in a job.

M. Cleto (PI 100)

She’s good. PI has lots of readings. So if you hate reading a lot of readings… too bad. You have to do it anyway. Read. Do not make reaction papers based on the evident. Try to read a bit deeper. Going to class doesn’t matter. I think. I got a lower grade than someone who didn’t go to class. Pff. Lastly, do say something when it’s your turn to share, even if somebody else said it already. Don’t say, “She already said it.” Ma’am will get angry. Just try to explain things in your own words. So, read a lot. I don’t think this one has an exam. PI 100 is pretty much about Rizal (though in Prof. Cleto’s class it focused more on heroism/nationalism).

M. Pablo (BA 172)

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS IS A GREAT COURSE FOR ASPIRING ADVERTISERS AND MARKETERS AND MEDIA PLANNERS. I love Ma’am. Do read in advance! Everything that will pop up in the exams is in the book. I don’t know what else to say but, this is a course worth taking IMO. Ma’am handled the course pretty well, too.

D. Clemente (BA 190)

Boring! Sir tries to be amusing, and most of the times, he is. Just take down notes (but it don’t matter ’cause they’re in your readings). Read whatever notes you have. That’s it. Super objective exams that are easy to ace if you read your notes very well. BA 190… I don’t really know what it is about but I hope it’s about STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Cases are more subjective than objective (i.e. cases ask the question: “If you were Boss A, would you resign and leave your employees to pursue a better career than stay in a merger?”).

P. Silvestre (MuL 9)

Fun class! You will learn about all those indigenous instruments in the Philippines. Then you travel through time… and learn about the different periods in the Philippines in terms of MUSIC. From ethnic/indigenous to Spanish to rock to pop. Ma’am is a really great prof, really nice. Just read in advance and be ready to recite. She does not like it when nobody recites and reads. She HATES it. Exams are easy and come in different types: 1) listening, 2) objective, 3) essay. The listening part is fun, but some instruments do sound like the others. So you might want to try making up lyrics for different instruments to remember them more easily.

PE 2 Scuba Diving

BEST CLASS EVER. No, I kid, that is subjective, of course. I had fun. I always thought I’d panic underwater. DO NOT TAKE THIS if you get colds a lot. Your ears will hurt. DO NOT TAKE THIS if you don’t have money to spend. At  most, you will be spending around PhP 10,000 including checkout. But it’s all worth it. Outside, it costs a lot. Like twice. Exams are easy (there are only two). Make sure you read the manual and listen to and watch demos carefully. Doesn’t matter if you’re late or absent. A friend was always absent, while I was never absent, and he got a higher grade even though I went to the checkout dive. Bah, this is PE anyway. FUNNEST PE EVER!

So that’s about it! Four years worth of professors. Hope it helped even a single soul. Do comment if you have questions!

Prof guide by my friend, as requested by me!

Disclaimer: We took similar classes in college, so sorry for some redundancies.

K. Obispado (Kas 1)

Philippine History. I took this as part of the required 6 units of Philippine studies subjects/GE’s during my first year. This could really be a boring subject (since it’s a 7am MTh class!) but Ma’am Obispado was such a good professor. She’s young and really knowledgeable in what she’s teaching us (oh, BTW she graduated Magna Cum Laude) and made history interesting for us. Lots of readings, we usually spend our free time at the Filipiniana section of the Main Library. Blank-map exam and essay questions for Finals. Really worth it.

N. Caspillo (French 10)

Elementary French. I took this as language elective. Basics of French. I must admit that it was a difficult subject. Oh, the phonemes in French really gave us a hard time to pronounce them. Haha. But we enjoyed the dialogues that Mademoiselle Caspillo gave us as exercises. She was a nice professor, an approachable one and always smile at us whenever we pass by her inside the campus. I learned to count and introduce myself in French (Je m’appelle…)I must warn you, this is not an uno-able subject.

A. Aguirre (PanPil 17)

PopCult! One of the best GE’s in UPD! :) Well, basically, it’s about PopCulture. I learned a lot from Sir Aguirre, you look at PopCulture in different ways, Feminist, Pragmatism, etc. But I suggest that you also take Socio 10 to complement his discussions. Favorite word that I learned from him: hegemony. :) He’s a really cool professor, wearing AstroBoy shirts to class! Though, sad to say, I think he moved to Australia with his family.

D. Nantes (Geog 1)

Geog 1 is such a diverse subject, I think. Hmm, how people and things affect landscapes and places- anthropological, sociological, physical, psychological, political perspectives, etc. I really loved this class since Ma’am Nantes was a nice motherly professor. She has interesting stories about her adventures as a Geographer and cool pictures from her trips that she included in her slides. Lots of readings- really hard to read ones, I must tell you. But totally worth it. Our class was really close because we went to geog camp together! Her exams were hard, you really have to read! But she’s totally worth a try if you want to learn a lot of things. :) (OH BTW, she still remembers me to be one of her students. How sweet is that.)

C. Torrechante (Math 17)

College Algebra and Trigonometry. Oh God. “You are my sweetest downfall, I loved you first.” I should tell you that I really love Math. So I took this subject for granted. BUT. It’s Sir Torrechante! *cue music: Voltes V opening theme song* I passed this subject despite his hard exams. Only a few passed his class during our time and before us and maybe after us… So. You get the idea.

J. Carino (PE 2 Cheerleading)

I took this because I suck at PE. Who told you that there are only two grades in this PE? Not true. I got a 2.0. Well, it’s an easy PE since all I had to do was to attend sports events and yes, Cheerdance competition.

S. Arco (Chem 16 lec)

Elementary Chemistry. I didn’t like Chemistry that much in high school but because Ma’am Arco’s such a good Chem prof, I learned to love it and really understand it. I highly recommend Ma’am Arco as Chem 16 professor because she really explains the concepts well. All you have to do is listen and take notes, as in, really good notes. I didn’t have to read the required book. Just be sure you come on time and listen to her because she might call you for recitation.

R. Limcangco (Chem 16 lab)

Oh Ma’am Limcangco’s really really pretty and nice. I learned a lot about balancing equations (especially Redox) and laboratory procedures from her. She will help you with the unknown analysis just to make sure you’ll pass her class. Make sure you listen to her discussion and ask questions. Make sure you always do your pre-labs.

G. Atienza (Kom 1)

Writing in Filipino class. Ma’am Glecy seemed scary but she was nice enough to give a -0.25 to those who won’t miss her class (A 7am class, mind you). This class was really worth it, because I learned a lot- from creative to technical writing. Lots of readings though. And lots of researching at the library. Patience is a virtue, that should be your mantra when you take this class. There will always be a first, second, third, etc. draft in every writing exercise she gives and I remember her drawing a big circle on my outline with a green pen because it wasn’t refined enough. But, I guess, that’s writing after all. People will really critique your work and that’s her method of teaching you to write decently- in Filipino.

J. Magpantay (Nat Sci 1, Physics part)

It’s more Conceptual Physics and the history of Physics. Sir Magpantay was really a stereotypical Physics professor, though he was funny at times. He called Newton gay. It was a large class and Sir has a seating arrangement! He gets mad at sleeping students, so be careful when you’re really sleepy (and yes, you really can’t help it). He relies on his OHP’s during our time. Be sure to get a copy of them ahead of time so you just have to browse through them during lectures. Try to listen more to his discussions. He gave us a multiple choice exam, just read your notes.

C. Hernandez (Nat Sci 1, Chemistry part)

Basic Chemistry. A bit easier than Chem 16. She has slides and a manual, where you can find all that she taught us. Just read the manual and you’ll be lucky in the exam. :) I took it while also taking Chem 16.

A. Tuazon (Psych 101)

General Psychology. One of my favorite classes! I was first intimated by her, because she has the conyo vibe but she really was approachable and somehow jologs. She was really good as a professor, giving us a strong foundation on the basic knowledge about Psychology. Sad to say, she went to study abroad.

F. Gumba (Art Stud 1)

Art and Society. Well, basically art appreciation class. Lots of readings and sometimes boring. Ma’am Gumba was a nice professor and she gave us time for her reading assignments (read: free cut). Though I have to tell you that you need to be prepared for her recitations and projects. Try to listen and be attentive. :)

A. De Villa (Philo 11)

Logic! On hindsight, it’s a really interesting subject. Something that you can apply in real life. Sir De Villa was such an interesting professor. He can be funny at one moment then mad at the next. I had a hard time comprehending his discussions but somehow enjoy proving logic problems. It wasn’t like Math wherein you have a constant variable- logic was so abstract (IMO). I think I should have bought the book Sir told us as reference material. I must add, Sir De Villa has a reputation as V5 prof, but I know people who got uno in his class.

M. Ong (Psych 110)

Basic Statistics just in the context of psychological research. I love Ma’am Ong’s class! She explained each concept well. I understood statistics more because of her (compared to my high school professor!). She gave us really long exams. Multiple choice, Modified True or False and of course, Problem Solving. But sad to say, she moved to Australia with her husband, Sir Aguirre, and son (the cute Baby Rio) to Australia.

E. Manalastas (Soc Sci 3)

One of the best GE’s I’ve ever taken in UPD! I swore that I would never take this class but eventually I took it and I didn’t regret it! It’s a gender and sexuality class, so it was a whole new experience. HAHA. Sir Eric was really funny yet very knowledgeable in this field. You’ll walk out of his class like you know a lot about sex, homosexuality, relationships, orgasm, etc. He let us watched Vagina Monologue and Better than Sex. He has a lot of exciting activities. Highly recommended.

M. Luna (Span 10)

Learning elementary Spanish from a Spanish professor was such a nice experience. I took this class to complete my 6 units language elective. Ma’am Luna was really motherly and knew how to teach Spanish to her students. She gave us quizzes almost every meeting. All you have to do with her class is to listen to her and go to her classes (because she gives incentives) and be on time so you’ll be able to take her quizzes. She made us watch a few Spanish films (good films, mind you) – Planta Quatro, Like Water for Chocolates and Volver. Uno-able subject.

H. Go (Psych 150)

It was really weird taking a class under your adviser. Haha. It was an interesting subject, learning all those theories. Sir Hudson made us watch movies and analyze the characters’ personalities by relating them to the theories. A subject worth taking. :) Sir Hudson is not teaching now to focus on his studies.

R. Peneyra (PE 1)

I didn’t know that PE 1 could be interesting. It’s all about fitness. Haha. Well, she taught us about stretching and made us do our own exercise routines. :) She gave us fair grades, taking into consideration how often we skipped her class. Just be prepared, come in your sporty attire and read well so you can answer her exams.

M. De Paz (Math 100)

Calculus. Ma’am Margie gave us quizzes and exercises so be sure to go to her classes. She has the mataray vibe but kind of sabog at times, since she’s young. Just listen to her and ask questions if you don’t understand things. Be careful also with all the computations because I don’t remember her giving partial points. But she’s a good Math 100 professor. :)

J. Yacat (Psych 108)

Filipino Psych! The subject’s in Filipino. :) Lots of readings but it was really interesting. At first, I found it dragging, because the first part was mainly about the Filipino Psych movement and the indigenization of psychology in the Philippines. Sir Yacat’s really knowledgeable in this field and genuinely passionate about Sikolohiyang Filipino. His typical exams- true or false, identification and essay. He also gave us bonus questions.

S. Arco (Chem 31 lec)

Best professor in Organic Chemistry! Same with Chem 16. Just listen to her, photocopy her OHP’s, study them well, and DON’T EVER SLEEP (though she didn’t mind me when I sleep during lectures) because you really need to listen to her and understand those Carbon and Hydrogen molecules! :) She gave quizzes almost every meeting so don’t be late. If you got her for Chem 31, you are really lucky.

A. Santiago (Chem 31 lab)

Lab part. Well, just do your pre-lab and post-lab and listen to him when he gives pointers. Be on your proper laboratory attire and be prepared for your experiments. To be fair, I learned to name organic atoms because of him. :)

S. Ortega (Psych 115)

Experimental Psych. If you have the chance, don’t ever take her. She was nice and gave us a lot of free cuts but I didn’t learn a lot from her. Subjective when giving grades, so be close to her. Okay?

A. Rosel (Soc Sci 1)

Behavioral Science. Ma’am Rosel was such a lovable. I really loved this class. She gave us a tolerable number of readings and she discussed them fairly enough for us to understand. She has a lot of stories- from her son named Jean Paul to that hitchhiker Amazona in pre-colonial Philippines. :) Just be conscientious when it comes to her readings, most of her exams are based from them and be creative in your reports and projects.

S. Guillermo (Art Stud 2)

Another art appreciation class. But minimal readings! I liked this class because it’s more of contemporary arts. She let us watched Cidade De Deus during our first meeting. It was a nice film BTW. She gave us a lot of free cuts! And her only project was a report.

R. Roderos (Bio 11 lec, Botany part)

I never thought Biology could be that hard! :) But Ma’am Roderos was one of the greatest Bio prof I ever had. I didn’t get high in her exams though I learned a lot from her. Just listen to her discuss those meristematic tissues and cancer cells and try to understand them. I suggest you sit near her. Don’t ever sleep because she calls sleeping people and gets mad at them. Read Campbell and Reece thrice before going to her class and don’t forget to take down notes! Her exams were really hard but manageable.

C. Buerano (Bio 11 lec, Zoology part)

I slept most of the time for dude, it was booooring. Have a copy of her slides and try to read them and listen to her discuss (though you really have to drink a lot of coffee just to stay awake) and read Campbell. Be ready for her “hirits” about love, most of the time they’re bitter.

N. Ramirez (Bio 11 lab)

I was afraid of him at first but he was really nice to us. He was really hands-on. My project was a complete crap but he let me redo it. :) He was kind of strict as a laboratory professor but you can always ask him questions if there’s something you don’t understand with the experiment. He gave us long quizzes and I don’t remember that they’re that hard. The key is not to skip lab classes and do your experiments, don’t slack off!

A. Rosel (Psych 155)

Abnormal Psychology. Same with Soc Sci 1, she has lots of anecdotes. And her exams were multiple choice, enumeration and essays. Her projects for this subject were institution visit report and book/movie review wherein we had to diagnose one of the characters using DSM-IV criteria of diagnosing psychological disorders. She let us

T. Batangan (Psych 118)

Field Methods (Psychological Research). Ma’am Batangan’s the best! I think she’s the only professor that I gave best remarks in SET! She was really motherly and very approachable and very understanding and my learning experience under her was incredible! I really learned a lot about field methods and how relevant psychological research to our society. She’s one of the most demanding profs I ever had, because she wanted us to be rigorous with our data gathering, but it was totally worth it! She taught us how to be good researchers and how to work our asses off to produce a good research paper. I spent a lot of sleepless nights with this subject and even sacrificed my leisure time. You may find her lectures boring but I think that’s not the way she rolls. She’s good at teaching you by making you experience the whole process. Best professor for this subject. :)

J. Cantiller (Psych 145)

My second least favorite Psych class. Psychology of Language. It was boring. I realized that the Theory of Relativity is right because of this class. Five minutes in this class was such a long time for me.


103 thoughts on “Ultimate UP Diliman Professors Guide

  1. Hi. I was just google-ing my prof in Econ 102 (Clarete) and your site came up. I was wondering if you had a copy of his slides? He doesn’t post it on our yahoo groups and doesn’t actually show it to us during class. It’s really hard to pay attention to him. HAHA!

    1. Oh no! I just checked if our Yahoo! Group is still active… and it seems like he deleted it. :( Sorry! He’ll probably post it before the exams (you can ask him to if he doesn’t, he’s nice and friendly). If he doesn’t still… Hal Varian is your best friend, I believe it’s all there (unless he uses another reference now?). :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting this article! I wonder what your course is. Were you a BA or an Econ student? I was thinking maybe if you’re an Econ student, I could take BA units you’ve taken.

    1. Hey person who probably won’t be able to read this again, I’m a Business Econ student, so I was actually required to take the BA subjects I had. If you’re into finance, then you really should take up 141 and 142! But if you’re more on the Marketing side, like me, then 170 is a good subject :)

    1. Is Math 17 difficult? I’d say, yes, if you’re like most people who hate math. But it really depends on the prof. Some prof are so good at math but they fail to realize that some people aren’t. If you have a hard time, it would help going to those free review sessions held by some orgs, and get copies of sample exams. :) You could even ask your classmates to help each other out. :)

      Best of luck to you! Congratulations :)

    1. It really depends. If you’ve taken Stat 101 (they are somewhat similar), it wouldn’t be that difficult, I think. It would be okay if you’re good in Math. The thing with Navarro is YOU make your own tables (they’re done in Eviews). These are part of your exams so if you do something wrong with them (so little as using the wrong formula), then you’d get the whole exam wrong. Teamwork does the trick before her exams.

  3. hey im an incoming freshmen this coming school year i just wanna ask if you taken already Comm 3? is it hard for me because im poor at english studies. And do i need to take PE 1 first before taking PE 2? And is all Nat sci 1 subject had multiple choice exams? my prof. there would be Henry Ramos.

    1. I haven’t taken Comm 3 and I didn’t really want to take it. Sorry for not being helpful at all. The key to UP is… I don’t know, kadalasan, sa mga kaklase ka makakahanap ng tulong, so kaibiganin mo sila. :) Kaya mo yan! (But why did you take up Comm 3? I’m assuming this is required for you, so…)

      No, you don’t need PE 1 to take PE 2 but you need PE 2 for PE 3 (pag match sila, i.e. PE 2 Volleyball is a prereq of PE 3 Volleyball). :)

      Assuming you are going to UP in Diliman, I must say… I don’t know, but I think Nat Sci’s are always multiple choice (I’ve taken both, and there are two profs in each, and they’ve all given multiple choice exams, so).

      Congrats! :D

      1. ok tnx :) by the way can i still cancel a enlisted class after the second batch run because i have desired a pe 2 subject which had only 2 slots available and i desired also pe 1 which still had a lot of slots so to be sure that i could have a pe subject if ever i didn’t get enlisted to pe 2 i would be enlisted to pe 1. but the thing is i really much like my pe2 than my pe 1 so if ever i get enlisted on both subjects can i cancel pe 1 after the second batch run?. And what is the meaning of demand in the pre enlistment is it mean that if the demand in a particular subject is high you have less chance in getting that subject?. And by the way where does CS audi located is it in college of science building near the math building?
        sorry kung nakukulit kita ahuhu :)

      2. can i still cancel a enlisted class after the second batch run?

        -Assuming there is no 3rd run (sorry, I don’t know), you can’t, in CRS. But you can do it when you register. Just ask the Registration Assistants in your college. :) BTW, if you don’t get that PE 2, don’t worry, you could try manually enlisting (ask the Registration Assistants, but this will cost you time… if you don’t mind taking more than one day to enroll, then go on), or you could get it next time. :P

        And what is the meaning of demand in the pre enlistment is it mean that if the demand in a particular subject is high you have less chance in getting that subject?

        -Demand is the number of students who are trying to get enlisted in a class. For example, if PE 2 SCD has 30 demand, then 30 students are trying to enlist in this PE. I’m just not sure how legit this is, as even though the registration is over, you could still see 131789471 demand on some subjects. I think. And yes, a higher demand means that the probability of you getting that subject is little. Except when you’re on GRADUATING status, they say you get higher priority.

        And by the way where does CS audi located is it in college of science building near the math building?

        -Yes, the CS Audi is in the College of Science building near the Math building. Enter CS building, go down one floor, aaand, it’s somewhere there. It won’t be hard to find. :) You could always ask the guards if you get lost, haha. :)

        Good luck, btw! Ano pala course mo? :)

  4. Hi, I am an incoming third year BSBE student at UPSE and I have been enlisted in Econ 131 under Prof. Navarro, again. (I was actually under her in 106). Is her way of teaching, and the difficulty of exams she give, in 131 different from 106?
    What is the main text that you used in 131? Do you know of someone whom I can borrow notes from so I can perhaps have an idea of what topics will be discussed? And, what subjects which I already took are most helpful in studying 131? Are they math 100, stat 101, etc.?

    All your answers would greatly help me. Thank you so much!
    All the best!

    1. Is her way of teaching, and the difficulty of exams she give, in 131 different from 106?

      Actually, I’m not sure because she wasn’t my prof in 106. But my friend said 131 was an “easier” subject than 106. I personally think that Navarro did a good job teaching 131.

      What is the main text that you used in 131? Do you know of someone whom I can borrow notes from so I can perhaps have an idea of what topics will be discussed?

      We used the green Danao book. She gets everything from there, like, examples, exam items, definitions. So you definitely might want to check it out. All my friends have graduated so you might want to ask Econ orgs about that book.

      And, what subjects which I already took are most helpful in studying 131? Are they math 100, stat 101, etc.?

      Most helpful one to me was Stat 101. They’re almost the same. Math 100, I’m not so sure. I guess it helps at some point. (Derivatives and stuff)

      Good luck! :) As I’ve said before, check and re-check your outputs/printouts (these are homeworks that you will use for the exam) before taking the exam. Compare with classmates. Getting these wrong will mean you might get most of your exam answers wrong.

    1. I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to get an English class (though I’ve tried many times) so I don’t know anything about her. I’ll try to convince my siblings to make their own guides! :)

    1. You’re welcome. I hope it really was helpful. I thought it was rather unhelpful, the way it’s constructed (un-comprehensive).

  5. What GE should i take if i’m planning to take up BA99.1, Stat101, Math100, Econ101.1 and Econ101.2 next sem? And can you recommend a really good prof (who gives high grade) for each subject? Thanks!

    1. I guess Math 2 (or 1, sorry, I don’t know which one has accounting) would be ~helpful~, although I don’t really think there’s a specific GE that could be a good precedent to those subjects. Math 100 is a ~stepping stone~ to Stat 101, and I guess, Econ 101.1 and 101.2 both need Math 100 too, if I remember correctly (I doubt I do).

      Math profs are almost always concealed, so I can’t help you. For Stat 101, they say you shouldn’t take a Santos prof. I’d recommend a certain Prof. Yap, but he’s left and his sister (a friend of mine) has ~replaced~ him. She’s smart, but I don’t know if she gives high grades. For Econ, you could take up Prof. Solita Monsod, who’s supposed to be really good.

  6. Hi! May question lang ako regarding kay sir de dios of econ 11. kamusta siya magturo? pano yung grading niya? okay ba? and the course requirements ba ay not that mabigat? thankss! :)

    1. Oops, ngayon lang ako nag-check ng e-mail. :(

      A Facebook friend is complaining about his exams! To be honest… di ko maalala yung Econ 11 ko. Ang naaalala ko lang, sa auditorium yung lecture, then discussion sa room at a different time with a different teacher (usually, a teaching fellow na nag-ttake pa lang ng graduate studies sa Econ). Multiply choice naman ang exams sa pagkakaalala ko… As long as you listen/study (I don’t remember which one’s more effective hehe), papasa ka! :D Nung time ko, (4 years ago) exams lang yata ang requirement. :)

    1. Life after UP!

      Getting-to-your-desired-career-wise? It depends on your grades, pero importante talaga ang extra-curricular (sadly, for me!). :)
      Life-wise? Hard to say because of the “job” I got, I still feel like I’m a student (I’m a trainee).

      It really all depends on how you lived your life back in college. I was mostly at school for classes and at home (or at the mall) if I have no classes, so I very much missed college life. Also, my friends work in THE Central Business District while I work in a “central business district” and we barely get to see each other… Or tamad lang kami magkita-kita!

      Is life in UP really a simulation of the “real world”? To a degree, yes. May pagka-“sink or swim” pero there’s definitely someone you could ask for advice from.

      …did I answer your question right? :))

  7. Hi! What’s Econ 106 all about? And 131 na rin. I’m taking them in my third year eh :/ (I’m a shiftee). Thanks!

    1. 106 (I think) is Mathematical Economics. Under Desierto, it was a little more about theories and matrices yata. But I don’t really remember it!

      131 is Quantitative Economics (or I got them wrong) AKA Econometrics. This is more like Stat 101, analyzing what regressions mean… it ought to help you write your thesis!

      Hope this helped :)

    1. 131 – Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics by Danao
      106 – Foundations of Mathematical Economics by Carter (not available locally yata–expensive, I think there’s another book pero my prof, Prof. Desierto, used this for the first half of the sem, can’t remember the other book, pero meron sa library ng Econ :) )

      Good luck! :)

    1. Ang alam ko pwede (or dati lang), not sure kasi di ako na-enlist dito, baka strictly for BA lang talaga. :( You can intern naman, if the company asks you for a letter of endorsement, go to SE 101 :)

  8. Hi, I’m a graduate of BS Stat in UPD and I’m planning to take MS Finance next school year. The entrance exam will cover algebra, calculus, stat, intro to finance and math of finance. I think I’m ok with the first 3 courses but have no background in finance… ;( Is finance difficult? what references can I use for it and where can I get sample exams? would you also know the title and author of the math 100 book used in UPD? Thanks a lot! :)

    1. Sorry but my reply won’t be any help. :( I had corporate finance, and I am not sure if that’s the kind of finance in the exam. I wish I knew somebody else we could ask, but I don’t know anyone. :( I also cannot find my math 100 book. It’s a really thick book. Maybe it’s the same as the Math 50 series book/s?

  9. Hi! I’m just wondering, where can I get the modules for natsci2, bio part under sir Argayosa? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey, sorry, I just borrowed mine :( im not sure but it may be in Bio (since he’s from there) or in the CS lib (where I got my nat sci 1 physics readings). Better to ask him :)

  10. Hi,

    Ill be taking Math 100 this summer, can you give tips like which prof should I choose? or is this really hard?

    1. I’m outdated about good profs, but younger profs are usually more okay. :( it really depends on 1) how good your prof is 2) how good you are in math 3) how patient and studious you are. But USUALLY, summer classes are more forgiving and easier (from what I’ve heard).

      The trick is to study, and dont be afraid to ask if you dont understand.

    1. It’s Management info system. Parang IT. It’s not heavy at all, I believe, but that was four years ago. Take it under Prof. Jonas if you can, he’s very fun! I remember parang computer class din sya since we were taught how to use Excel etc. I think I took it with acctg so it should be okay for you to do so too

  11. I wasn’t good at Bio but I had good grades with Sir Tabbada (and yeah, you got the spelling right). The best part was actually getting the lecture copies.

    Anyway, I’m just confused with some gender of the profs as you have written. Were you somehow trying to conceal the true identity or what? (his and then her changing at one prof)

    And Cleto for PI 100 has an exam, in my class only for those who did not go to our field trip with Sir Xiao. I had this class last year though.

    Econ 11 under de Dios. I had mine all with the Monsods and all are of course multiple choice. So you were talking about de Dios’ long exams which are easy, right? Too bad for my Econ 44, it’s again Monsod. I was planning to take another prof for Econ for my 4th take.

    1. Thanks for your additional inputs!

      Sorry, I barely proofread so I may have gotten my pronouns wrong. But I read my entire post and found nothing. Were you talking about the Medalla (101)? Because I also mentioned Carlos, that’s why there was a change in pronouns.

      Thank you for your inputs again! I hope other people would comment with their own experiences so we could help other students.

  12. Hi! I’m going to be taking Alonzo in Econ 199. Just how absent was he? And how was your grade from him? Thanks!

    1. He’ll only be there for the important days ie first few days, submitting drafts, getting drafts… For the first few days he’ll give you a deadline for RRLs on 3 topics. Then you meet for that, he’ll tell you the next deadline naman either in class or through email. Towards the end halos we go na lang to his room/office for consultation. :) As far as I know, mataas siya mag grade (not sure if i got 1.25 or 1.00, most of us in class got one of those grades).

      Good luck! I suggest you dont procrastinate and consult, consult, consult!!! Baka kasi biglang may ipabago sa inyo pag late kayo nagpa consult tapos 1st time niyo. :)

  13. Hey there!

    First off I’d just like to say THANK YOU for making this comprehensive guide. LIke seriously–words cannot describe what a godsend this blog is to someone coming from the exact same place; I’m a BS BE major too! Incoming 3rd year :) Oh god.

    So anyway, I’d just like your thoughts on my subjects and profs this semester. I understand that all these subjects were taken some years ago, and you might feel ill-equipped to give advice on them now–but literally any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

    Here goes:

    Psych 108 (Free Elective) – Under Ton Clemente

    Geog 101 (Free Elective) – Under Euca Ramos

    Econ 106 (Required Course) – Under Romeo Balanquit. Pretty sure he’s a new guy. Anything to say about 106 though? People say it’s doable naman.

    Econ 191 (Econ Elective) – Under Maria Durano. I think she’s new? I don’t really know. I’m more interested in your opinion of the subject matter. Is it ma-math, ma-concept, what? And was it hard?

    BA 101 (Management Elective) – Concealed prof, ugh. But like what do you do in this class? People seem to like it but I don’t really understand what you study here…enlighten me please?

    BA 141 (Finance Elective) – OKAY HERE. Officially the prof for my class is “concealed” but a little birdie told me that we have an A-something. My heart tells me it’s this Abesamis person :( HUHU. How’s the subject matter…what do you do here ba? And how does she test and grade?

    K wow that was really long, sorry! But again, any comments would be super appreciated–especially if they’re on the subject matter. And how this all looks overall. Too heavy? Doable? I’m all ears :)

    I’m ridiculously GC and therefore tend to be a hard worker so “terror” profs don’t really scare me away. I just work around them, do my best and this usually ends up good for me, fortunately. I just really want to hear the opinion of someone who’s been there and done that, and that’s you, sensei! Haha.

    AGAIN, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Even if you’re tamad na to reply and chose not to (which is totally understandable), you’re still amazing for writing this entry.

    Seriously, salamsss <3

    1. Wow!!! You’re welcome and THANK YOU! Haha. But from what people have been asking me lately… this guide seems really outdated. HAHA. Am I THAT old? (I hope not haha)

      Psych 108 (Free Elective) – Under Ton Clemente
      Wow, you’re in luck, both my sisters are Psych majors, so I was able to ask them. They say he’s fun and enjoyable. I would’ve asked for more input but all my ate could say was that he’s fun and she really likes him as a prof, though she never took this class. My younger sister, though, took his class and found it hard. HOWEVER, she says, her classmates got high grades (so I don’t know what really happened, haha)… (Just to give you a sense of where this is all coming from… my elder sister graduated cum laude and the other one is laude standing too) As with all Psych subjects (I assume…), lots of readings. Grades are based on exams (and a project, my sister says).

      Econ 106 (Required Course) – Under Romeo Balanquit
      I took this under Desiree Desierto and from what I remember, this focuses more on equations and concepts. More theoretical, as opposed to Econ 131 (later on…) which is more mathematical (in a sense that you will actually use Math/Stat). ALTHOUGH there is some “maximization” (i.e. “solve the profit-maximizing problem”) and “optimization”. Equations are mostly composed of LETTERS though, as opposed again to Econ 131 which is full of… numbers. I guess simply put, 106 discusses “concepts” behind 131 (but I never really found 106 useful, oops). Just to give you an idea of what 106 will be: . I also managed to save “Assignment 4: Optimization” so I’ll try to upload that.

      Econ 191 (Econ Elective) – Under Maria Durano
      Developmental Economics was definitely a subject worth-taking for me! For one who lives in a developing country, I think (or hope) you’ll find this subject very interesting. Deals with models (i.e. equations composed of letters, and also, GRAPHS!!!) that try to explain “per capita income with respect to blah blah”, “reservation wage with respect to blah blah” (sorry, I don’t remember). BUT I managed to be nerdy enough to actually make notes of some models on my Facebook page, so some questions you may learn the answer to (depending on your prof): “What happens when one does or does not invest in human capital?”, “How does a firm’s decision to industrialize affect consumer expenditure?”, “Is it possible for all workers in a company to be highly skilled, meaning no one is a low-skilled worker?”. All will be answered by models, derived from models, and graphs.

      BA 101 (Management Elective)
      This class might as well be called the “Introduction to Business Management” (I don’t remember the course title, so, hey!). You learn…the basics of management. Functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, controlling. Organizational structure (which one, vertical or horizontal, will be best for a certain company). Entrepreneurship, strategy formulation, et cetera. There will be cases (welcome to the world of case studies, if it’s your first time to encounter them) and most of the problems in these cases is: “In this situation, what would you do as a manager?” I.e. A new investor joins a paternalistic partnership, which subsidiary company would you cut off expenditure to help another growing subsidiary, etc.

      BA 141 (Finance Elective)
      Corporate Finance! It’s very mathematical. You will encounter financial ratios (percentage of everything to assets, or sales). You will compare trends/changes in these ratios through the years. You will also do forecasts of balance sheets and income statements (i.e. given years 1 and 2, forecast for year 3, assuming ratios stay constant). Prof-wise… If Abesamis is your prof… I don’t know about her teaching style, I wasn’t really a fan. (Maybe I was too biased and stupid back then… sigh) But, I would like to believe she’s an average professor, and that she is not as bad as I said she was. She’s pretty smart! She was included in the top 10 or something in their CPA board exam (FYI lang). I think she’s really nice (she greets back when you meet her along the hallways), save for the occasional mood swings (us girls…sigh). The midterm exam was multiple choice, I don’t really recall but I’m 75% sure it was partly computation of ratios etc. Our final exam was by GROUP and it was forecasting (it could be hell if you don’t get the gist of forecasting). BE SURE to follow instructions during exams and quizzes so as not to annoy her and make her give you deductions… Oh, and, as with most BA subjects… CASES! Lots and lots of cases.

      Sorry about the Geog 101 though, I couldn’t find someone to ask!

      But overall… WHOA! Those subjects are… not heavy, but putting them all together gives you a moderately heavy semester. But in my opinion, this is manageable since:
      – BA 141: just understand/memorize the ratios
      – ADDITIONALLY: Econ 106 + Econ 191: will be hell…just kidding! I think memorization of equations and their derivations will be important in these subjects.
      – BA 101 + Geog 101 (I think) + Psych 108: will be your reading-heavy subjects
      – BA 141 + BA 101 + Geog 101 (probably): will require the most cases/papers; add Econ 106 for the occasional assignments perhaps.

      I think you can do it! Considering that 3rd year is supposed to be your “hell year”, haha. I’m kind of jealous, your subjects all seem exciting to me, it’s probably gonna be an interesting semester for you. GOOD LUCK and I really hope I helped! Sorry for babbling though… I easily get carried away, hehe. AND THANK YOU TOO!!! :) I hope you could give inputs too, for our fellow iskolars and future iskolars! :) And feel free to ask more questions, or ask again next sem, haha!

      GOOD LUCK!

      1. OMG WHAT ARE YOUUUUU :((((( You’re such a saint for taking the time to reply to little old clueless me!! Super fast and thorough pa…I die. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such kindness over the internet is unheard of!

        I should note that ALL these classes happen over TTh ONLY. HAHA! Yeah, missed that (crucial) detail. That means 7-4 straight, no breaks. Which I didn’t make sadya okay!! It really just turned out that way :( None of those classes had WF scheds, and they were all sunod sunod pa. Wild, I knowww. But what can you do, right? I’m actually not as intimidated as one would expect, because ever since I was a freshman I’ve been arranging my schedule to be as “airtight” as possible (I like finishing early, hehe). So I’ve done 4 classes straight before. I do realize this’ll be hell come exam week, but I figured I have 5 whole days to prepare for battle and plus, I’m not a crammer (as in…farthest thing from it)! So yeah, no super big worries on that front. Just thought I would mention it, since it’s so crazy and all :) I will consider dropping a subject though, if things get to heavy. I’m at 18 units even though this sem’s required number is 15, so I can afford it!

        I took 131 na! Haha. Had to interchange 131 and 106; kind of a long story, but let’s just say it turned out really well! I don’t particularly enjooooy math or stat but fortunately, I get them? Haha. Your description was super helpful by the way, I feel like I’m more prepared now (NAKS)! And if you upload something pa I’m really gonna cry na talaga. SAINT BEE!!

        Geog 100 (not 101, oops), Psych 108, Econ 106 and BA 101 really don’t worry me too much. I know they’ll all be hard work but I feel like they’re kaya naman.

        Econ 191 seems like it’ll be a challenge, but in a good way! I say challenge only because from your description it seems like it’s more macro-based, which I found incredibly boring. I much prefer micro. BUT WHATEVS. I shall trust your opinion and approach this with an open mind! Haha. I’m excited na nga eh!

        It’s BA 141 that I’m most wary of, to be honest. I didn’t take BA 99.1 & 99.2 kasi eh; I took the compressed, Econ version which is Accounting 1. It’s supposed to be equivalent to the two, but I’m scared lang that I’ll be lacking in specific knowledge or skills. I’m willing to do the necessary work to catch up, though! I’m super gonna make sure I prepare for this :)

        HAYYYY. What you called rambling, I called gospel! Seriously, maybe I’m starting to sound OA na but I’m really just so overwhelmed at your helpfulness. I’m sure everything you said is going to come in handy to me, and I feel so much more prepared for this sem after reading your (super long, super thorough, super amazing) commentary. I actually haven’t absorbed it all but I’ll definitely be going back to it time and time again.

        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AHHH! <3 <3 <3

        PS: Just so you know, I'm going to be loitering around this blog from now on. Don't be surprised if you get sick of me and the silly questions I knooow I'm going to ask!

      2. WHOA! I hope you could finish the sem without dropping anything, sayang eh! :D Let’s just hope the Geog and Psych don’t require much attention (hahahaha). At least you have daaayyyss to prepare for Tuesdays and another day for Thursday. :) For 141, I don’t think you need to worry too much, kayang kaya mag-catch up! :)

        Good luck again! :)

  14. Hello. BS BE po kayo di ba? Interested po ba kayong magtalk dito po sa Econ regarding the BE curriculum?

    1. Hi! Yes! Pero I don’t think I’m the right person. Hahaha. I know some people who would make good speakers. Please reply again if still interested, and I’ll send you an e-mail so I could try to coordinate with you. :)

  15. Any suggestion for a good Comm 3 prof.? I’m not interested in uno-able profs, but I don’t want those who are pretty much OA (profs who give a grade of 3 or 5). :)) Thank you!

    1. Hi! I’m doing a quick survey for you and I’ll get back to you on that as soon as I sit in front of a real computer. :) (sorry, I havent been checking my emails lately)

      Btw I graduated from School of Econ (BS BE)

    2. Here you go, from my friends:

      Dave Centeno – “he has a few requirements and he’s fun plus maraming nkakauno sa kanya.”
      Jamandre – “di ko sure if nagtuturo pa sya” at mahusay magturo, fun, and papasa naman. :)

  16. Hi! I’d just like to ask, what was the title of the text you used for 106? I plan on hunting for an e-book. I got Danao this sem, and 106 is reputed for it’s difficulty so I’m trying to get an idea of what this sem’s gonna be like and prepare.

    Also, is it difficult to take 121 and 106 at the same time? (and stat 101 too, but I got punzalan and apparently she gives formulas in the exam, and I like stat so that’s alright) Which was tougher, 131 or 121?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. The book was “Foundations of Mathematical Economics” by Carter, which was very helpful for the first half of the sem (under Desierto). Other profs use other books, of course. I am not familiar with those other books. Sigh. It may have been Gujarati, or something else.

      If you’re okay in stat, you’re mostly good in 131. :) 121 is mostly conceptual (with a few graphs to explain what happens when bond prices go up etc etc), and in my opinion, is okay to take with 106 (but the latter is really a pain thanks to the equations and weird Greek letters). But that is also depending on your other subjects. I believe a lot of my batchmates took these in the same semester and they survived. :)

  17. Hi, have you heard anything about Prof. Leon Payawan ng chem 17? Nagssearch ako sa net ever since kanina pero d ko mahanap.

    1. OHMYGOD. DO NOT ENLIST IN HIS CLASS. Forgive my language, but he is a blundering bitch who does not at all know a thing about basic chemistry. Like, he can’t even name certain (very elementary) compounds. GRRRR. He’s burara pa and mataray, most of the time. Huhu. JUST DON’T, I BEG OF YOU.

      I got a pretty decent grade from him, though, pero it was mostly self-study. There are a lot of better Chem profs out there; don’t waste your money on a mediocre one.

      Well, it seems that my reply– one year late–won’t be of use to you anymore. So kumusta naman? :D

  18. hi! I am a hopeful incoming senior of BS Econ next year, I shall affirm that Ms. Obispado is a great teacher! Her class is so enriching!

    By the way, I also took Ma’am Desi’s 106 class and she changed her ways, we are into reporting now and the exams were terrible. I passed her class but not to the point that is satisfactory

    1. Hello, sorry, I’m not quite sure about what you meant to ask. :) Our class was a 2-hour Monday class. Yes we did go swimming but not every class (the first two classes were lectures, then we had one or two more lectures in between the semester). Nobody is required to know how to swim, but there is an assessment during the first pool session.

  19. hi! i just want to ask about the cheerleading pe :) i’m really not into the sporty kind of pe so i figured to just get cheerleading since you said it was just about watching the games :D My sched is on a monday, 7 to 9 am under Perena but i’m just wondering what we will do during those two hours? i’m quite torn if i should take it because it’s on a monday and it’s my only subject that day and if it requires for you to have a loud voice to cheer and all :( thank you!

    1. My friend (who agreed to make a prof guide for her subjects) was the one who took cheerleading. According to her, they do go to class sometimes. But they were also required to watch UAAP games. :)

  20. Hi, I’m taking up Chem 31 this summer. Do you still have Ma’am Arco’s powerpoint slides in Chem 31? She’s not my prof but my prof is using her slides for discussion and I don’t know where to obtain one because my prof won’t give it to us. I just wanted to review in advance because our prof will be giving us quizzes everyday. :)

    1. No need! :) But I think, to take a PE3 you need to take the corresponding PE2 (basic basketball – advanced; if there is such a thing). Although I’m not really sure!

  21. Good evening! Sorry to ask, but what do you usually do/ where do you go when enlisting for Econ 199 on the first day of registration? Should we go and wait outside the professor’s office, or do we wait outside the computer lab? My thesis partner and I are planning on camping out outside the building where the computer lab is. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about enlisting for thesis, and it would pretty much suck if we wait for hours outside that building only to find out we should have waited elsewhere or something…Thank you in advance :) and (again) I’m really sorry to bother you with this :)

    1. Hi! I don’t remember pero parang manual enlistment ang thesis. In our batch, people camped outside a room (you should start asking around kung saan ang enlistment ng 199 since I am not sure if kasabay nito yung other Econ subjects). :) Samin kasi it wasn’t in the computer lab, but I’m not so sure kung dahil purely 199 lang yung enlistment sa room na yun or not.

    1. Depende siguro sa gusto mong career. :) Psych is a fave though, pati language electives (if you’re into learning a new language! Hehe). :) You can also try Geog or BA (Marketing or Finance).

  22. hi just wondering kung ok mag bigay ng grade sa belly dancing?
    i got it and its my last PE so i really wanna get a fun one and pass it as well :) thanks!

  23. Hey, I was wandering through google when I saw your blog and I would like to say thank you very much because this guides me in preparing myself for the new world I’ll be venturing through in college. Though this was published years ago I still believe that this will give me hand in the choices that I’ll make and I also believe that you are a credible person to ask some questions. I’m an incoming BS Economics student at the UPSE and I’m so glad that the person who wrote this very useful blog studied in the same school that I will be attending. Yay! I have attended the recently steered open house and I was able to take a sneak peek on the program mates I’ll be working with four months from now and it gave me this stupid fear and nerves because (aside from the fact that almost all of their family members attended UP- it’s in their genes, and they’re all English speaking, like English all the time, I spoke to a few of them in Tagalog and I got no response- snobbed) they all look like highly intelligent individuals; and that gives me the thought that perhaps I could be the most stupid person in the class, ouch. Adding up to this is the fact that I have nothing in my bag- I don’t know anything in UP, yes I know UP but I don’t really know how to survive, live a life, maintain a normal heartbeat and blood flow, stay sane in UP (culture shock :(). So please, as a successful graduate of UPSE- I look up on you and is humbly asking you if can you spare me things like how’s life in UPSE? NAKAMAMATAY BA ANG HIRAP? Did you took the APE? Will it be advantageous or not to take APE? Statistics is one of the worst things in math, aside from math being a bad thing itself (In HS we weren’t really taught that much in Stat only simple probability, permutation, combi… – will it be a cerebrum crusher for me? I would like to have simple bg in genetics and industrial engineering too (AMBISYOSA, ILLUSYONADA, GAGA) do you think that’s attainable for an econ student? Any suggestions for 1st sem GE free choices? bakit po ba andami kong tanong? Sorry, I’m not obliging you po to answer all of that. This simple response box turned to an emotional outlet for me kasi HAHAHA and nagtutunog career guidance na po and tinutumbok ng mga tanong ko sorry. HAHA Thank you in advance po!

    1. You’re comment had me smiling towards the end. Hahaha! It’s normal to feel that way. Sigurado ako, makakahanap ka ng group of friends sa Econ na hindi Englishero. (And then you’ll all graduate like that—Englishero! Joke lang!) Your first year, especially your first semester, in UP will be spent all around UP. Especially during your first sem, you’ll only have Econ 11. You’ll get to walk around the oval, wait for jeepneys, ganon. You’ll have blocked Econ 11 and Math 17 (ibig sabihin iisa lang classmates mo doon), so you will make friends.

      I think they key to surviving your subjects is being able to apply it to what’s important to you (and that’s why di ko na-appreciate ang Econ dati dahil wala akong pakialam sa mundo hahaha). Your high school stat will be similar to Stat 101 (mean, median, mode, standard deviation, etc.).

      I checked APE and I think this is only for Math 11. So I suggest you do not take it (unless… Math 11 and 14 na ang required ngayon sa Econ?).

      I think you can take Industrial Engineering as your elective. :) As for genetics, I’m sure you can check out the respective institutes’ websites.

      1st sem GEs – I suggest you take up MSTs first since mahirap daw kunin. And don’t forget the Phil Studies units required. Geog 1 is a favorite because of the field trip. I tend to choose the AH and SSPs with less readings, but there are really fun ones with readings (Pan Pil 17 under Aguirre and Soc Sci 1 under Rosel—but I think they don’t teach anymore). For MSTs, I’ve always liked the big classes (Nat Sci 1 & 2, STS).

      That’s it for now. Just comment if you have more questions :)

      1. Oh my you responded! Hallelujah! HAHA I haven’t visited this for a while because I thought you may not be able to notice me since this blog was published years ago, but guess what? it never gets dated HAHA THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
        Yayy your response is well-appreciated thank you for enlightening me about these things in Diliman (enlightening, Diliman- haha that’s coincidental HAHA) oh okay. Thanks, thanks, thanks so much for the tips. I couldn’t be more thankful that I really have to say Thank you thrice everytime HAHA!

        About the Stat class- there will be no super difficult topics like the Stat analyses being used in Science investigatory projects and the like? If that’s so Hallelujah!

        Ahh, you were right about the APE. (Somebody handed me an application form kasi and I’m just so freaked out about it that I didn’t even bothered to check the details HAHA two ingredients for a perfect mistake= freaking out and not checking details)

        Based on your post, I suppose most of the electives that you chose were Accounting subjects. Will it be good for me to take the same? or should I just choose IE electives? or econ electives? ahhh I’m so indecisive. I would love accountancy too but I’m afraid that Accounting would be like eating a pie……………..with a super, lava, chilli, pepper hot sauce. (Though I know it’s really early for me to think about electives yet HAHAHA)

        About the GE’s they have given us a paper during the open house which states the subjects that we will take on 1st yr. 1st sem, 1st yr. 2nd sem and so on. They have put there the GE’s that we will take in each sem. Is that deformable?

        And about the Geo tip, I guess if there is a field trip that will be a costly subject and I’m not from a well- heeled family so I guess I’m not taking that HAHA

        BTW did you spent your UP days in a dormitory inside the school? ‘Coz the release of the results for the UP dorm admissions will be on June 2nd and people say that clinging a spot is difficult and dorms outside the university are hella expensive so I’m a bit worried about that actually.

        And lastly (though I’m not sure if this will actually be the last question sorry- i ask soooo much) any wonderful org tip? or just don’t get myself into orgs? UP debate society (I’m soooo starstrucked by UPDS people oh my)? Philippine Collegian (oh wait that’s sooo ambisyosa HAHAHAHA nvm) ?

        Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! so so so much again! I know you’re not one of those UP hotlines or OVSCA people but my questions might make you feel like one- sorry about that. But I just want to tell you that in a place bordered by mountains and tall trees where UP hotlines are unreachable and UP offices are sooo far, you and your blog is like a present from the magis all three combined. Thank you thank you thank you thrice again! :)))

  24. Stat – as far as I recall, walang ANOVA (and I really hate that! Haha). I think z-tests and percentiles yung naabot namin. Z-tests will be used in Math Econ.

    Electives – Oh, I was a Business Econ major so most of my Free electives were replaced with BA subjects. Accounting is helpful in life, but I’m not sure if they will offer it to non-majors. :) I suggest IE subjects, if you could take them, and if you want something more Business-y. But if you wanna go hardcore Econ, then take Econ (we have the best professors!).

    GEs – Hmm. I’m not sure. During my time, GEs were not pre-selected for us. I’m pretty sure you can choose your own GEs. :)

    If you’re okay with a lot of readings, SocSci 1 is a good intro to the social sciences. Useful GEs are Comm 3, English (though I avoided the English GEs because, rumors were these GEs were hard)—I wish I took these! For an enjoyable GE, it really depends on the prof, but I enjoyed PanPil 17 (pop culture). PanPil 19 is interesting (it’s about *gasp* sexuality).

    I did not live in a dorm, sorry. :( I hope you get a slot though! If you’re looking for other options, try searching around Krus na Ligas.

    Orgs – I did not join an org! Hehe. But joining one would definitely help improve your social life and life in general. :) (I was just happy with a small group of friends, hehe.) And of course, if you join orgs that have specific special skills, then you can definitely improve your skills! If you’re coming from the province, you might want to join a provincial org! It’s a great way to connect (in my observation, hehe).

    No worries! I work in UP too, in the OVCRD (hindi pa rin OVCSA haha). :) Good luck! :)

    1. Hellooo po!
      Sorry po for the late response and the late but genuine, .major major., I really mean it, from the bottom of my bottomless heart- THANKS! THANK YOU! THANK YOU PO SO SO MUCH!
      Katatapos lang po kasi ng pre-enlistment. During the pre-enlistment po, I always look over sa mga notes na tinake-down ko po from your blog :) They’re a huge help po, and I know magiging reference ko pa rin siya for my next years in UPSE (pls. sana hindi ako matanggal sa UPSE HAHA). Thanks po ulit! Laking tulong po nitong blog niyo ;)
      And nakakuha rin po pala ako ng slot sa Kalay Dorm :))

      BTW I got enlisted po under Ma’am Toby Monsod in Econ 11; Sir Eliserio U in Fil 40; Sir Jerwin Agpaoa in Philo 11 and Sir Noel Rivera in PE-2 BW. Though MSTless pa po ako :)
      (Next stop- Adv. Reg HAHA)

      1. Yehey! Good luck sa UP life! :) Econ is fun, especially higher subjects. Hehehe. Sobrang magagaling ang professors from the school. :) Philo 11 is also a nice subject. Enjoy your first year/first sem, especially, yan ang pinaka-petix na sem. Hahaha! Let me know if you have any questions pa.

  25. Hello po! What books do you recommend for BA 101, 141, and 161? I’ll be taking them next sem and I’m so anxious because I don’t really know what to expect. :( Thank you!

    1. Naku, I’m not really sure. I just got the books our profs recommended. Is 161 Oblicon? If yes, you will have references online (they also sell an Oblicon book in BA ata). 141 might be the one for sale in coop too.

  26. Hi! Would it be okay if i took econ102 and 106 together? I wasn’t able to take up 102 this semester since there was a scarcity in profs huhu. They said I could ask for COI when taking 106 and 102 at the same time, but Im wondering if microecon heavy ba yung econ 106?

    1. 106 is mathematical approaches to elementary economic theory and if I remember correctly (I don’t really remember much of 106 though), kaya naman pagsabayin ang 106 and 102 (i.e. you won’t necessarily be using concepts in 102 in 106). I just remember lots of equations.

  27. Hi, your blog is super helpful, I was wondering is you have any Corporate Financial Reporting notes please? Freshie in accounting here… :)

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